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12-14-2009, 12:22 PM
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Hey SWM I do play men's league in Shelton, but it wasn't me you were talking to at the stick time. I haven't been to a stick time in a while. I used to play in Northford too, but since I live in Shelton it's just more convenient to play in Shelton. We've probably crossed paths before.

The skates that give me the most trouble are my 8.5 Grafs. The shape of the boot makes it so they will only fit with the outside of the skate facing up.

Give BS a call and tell them that you want to upgrade your holder. They will send you a new Tri-Lie holder for the X-01 machine for $100, plus sending them the old holder back. What I did is just buy the new holder outright and they shipped it for free. I sent in the old holder (my cost for shipping) after receiving the new one, and they are going to issue me a credit, this way I didn't have to go without a holder while I was waiting for the new one to ship.

The new holder is 10X better than the old one. I didn't have to modify it at all and it has a much better clamping system.

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