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12-14-2009, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by darko View Post
Agree. A contract that was mentioned earlier this season was around 11 mill per season, now that's around 20% of the cap. Good luck building a contender around that.

While I dont see him getting that much if he hits free agency (Thrashers have to overpay) I do see him getting Ovie's money (9 to 9.5 mill a year).

Chances of us signing Kovy is about as same as us trading Redden or Drury. Pretty slim.
I thought more about this today at work, and even though the chances are pretty slim, it is possible to build a contender if you give him the right contract. Mrpuck beat me to it.

It really would have to be a long term deal. 10 years minimum with money coming off on the end to bring the cap hit down.
While posting on here yesterday, I never took one of those Luongo/Hossa-like contracts into account. If we are able to give him a contract with an annual cap hit of 6 or 6.5 million, it would be so much easier to build a team. Think about it, that's pretty much moving Redden's contract in place of Kovalchuk's. Then, if your able to move Rosie, you'll have 5M to re-sign Staal and Girardi. If I'm Sather I'd also throw a LT contract at Staal similar to Kovy's, but with less money obviously.

If you think about it like that, the chances are better but still very slim. If Sather is able to move both Redden and Roszival (doubt it will happen) then Kovalchuk to NY is a big possibility. That is considering he hits the FA market.

Originally Posted by Peter Sidorkiewicz View Post
4. Have you rangers fans ask yourself why Kovalchuk would leave Atlanta to go to a lesser team? I think he would prefer to play on a playoff team. If it weren't for Lundqvist and Gaborik, New York would be vying for a lottery pick.
I respected your post until I got up to this part. The Rangers are the biggest, wealthiest and most well-known U.S hockey organization. They play in the world's most well known arena, in one of the most well-known cities in the world. It is very hard to find any type of athlete who would not want to play in NY.

Kovalchuk's a elite player with tremendous skill, if he signs with New York his skill will be showcased more. No offense towrds your team, but Atlanta isn't really one of the most popular cities on this planet.

I also don't know how the Rangers are a "lesser team". They have been in the playoffs every year since the lockout and are only a couple of points out of a playoffs spot currently. I don't see how the Rangers are the "lesser team", especially considering the playoffs in 06-07.

Kovalchuk's been offered the LEAGUE MAX by the Thrashers, and most likely long term. Like RB said, there is pretty much a blank check for him, and he's not accepting it. Will he sign with the Thrashers? Who knows. But the more I sit here and analyze the situation the more I realize him signing with the Thrashers is becoming more unlikely.

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