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12-14-2009, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
Right, again all speculative. Nothing of substance.

They argued on the bench, but again about what? Not sure if anyone will ever have the answer there.
I'm not sure what happened on the bench between Ward and Jagr, but Ward was benched by Renney due to poor play, and then he blamed Jagr for being benched instead of placing the blame on himself. Ward wasn't exactly a model teammate during his time with the Rangers.

“Some people aren’t going to like you, but I don’t really care,” Jagr said. “I like everybody. This was just bad timing. I don’t make the changes. All of a sudden, he was benched one game and all of a sudden whatever happened three weeks ago is the reason. He brought it up, not me. I would never do that.”

What if the argumwent stemmed from Ward asking the Czech posse to speak english in the locker room? That is was unhealthy for Czechs, Russians, or Swedes to speak thier respective languages where others couldn't iunderstand what they were saying?
The argument certainly didn't stem from this, it had to do with something that occurred on the ice:

Ward, in addition to being a disappointment on the ice, had gotten in a shouting match with Jagr during a game Feb. 3 at Tampa Bay over some miscommunication during a shift.
And I think you are treading a fine line by saying it is "unhealthy" for players to speak their native language. Prucha spoke little English and probably felt more comfortable speaking in Czech to some of his teammates, is that really so "unhealthy"?

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