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12-14-2009, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Undoubtedly true.

Another good point.

This is where you start to lose me. As good as Kovalchuk is, he would still be a rental. Asking for 4 extremely good young players to be part of the package is a little ridiculous. Unless he comes signed to a deal, no team is giving you that much. Especially if Atlanta refuses to take salary back.

Culture, for one. More exposure to a larger fanbase as well. Playing in a market like NY will raise Kovalchuks stock compared to the Ovechkins and Malkins of the league.

Yes, the Rangers are currently in the dumps, but it's not as if we're entering some long, drawn out rebuilding process here. Next season we should be in much better shape with guys like Grachev (hopefully) making the roster and if we finish in the top-10, we should have added a potential impact forward to an already strong stable of prospects. Add Kovalchuk to that mix and we're in great shape.

I'd be willing to be that no more than 2 years after Kovalchuk joined the Rangers, we'd be making a deep playoff run. Of course this is all moot since the Rangers can't afford Kovy unless he takes one of those new CBA-workaround deals.
The Thrashers got 4 talented young players for Hossa (Christensen was a promising player at the time) so I would imagine they should get at least the same if not better quality for a Kovalchuk trade.

If you want to analyse the Hossa deal in detail for New York's perspective it breaks down like this. Atlanta received 2 young roster players, a top prospect and a first round pick. The cap hits were low, so again they won't be interested in taking back any high salaries.

Looking at the players involved in detail:

Player Received: Colby Armstrong
Then: Gritty 3rd line winger with 20 goal potential.
NYR Player Comparison: Ryan Callahan
Fits with Atlanta's needs: Yes, Armstrong is an UFA and may jump ship at the end of the season. Callahan would be a good replacement.

Player Received: Erik Christensen
Then: Point per game AHLer, showed glimpses of 2nd line potential playing limited minutes on Pittsburgh's 3rd line.
NYR Player Comparison: Artem Anisimov
Fits with Atlanta's needs: No. Atlanta is strong at center with Antropov, Peverley, White and Reasoner. Anismov is no doubt talented but wouldn't get a game ahead of Atlanta four centers at the moment. Atlanta needs a player that can contribute straight away and its current biggest need is a shut down d-man. Replace Anisimov with Staal.

Player Received: Angelo Esposito
Then: Pittsburgh highest ranked forward prospect.
NYR Player Comparison: Evgeny Grachev, current New York highest ranked forward prospect
Fits with Atlanta's needs: Yes, likely replacement for Kozlov at the end of the season with Evander Kane earning Kovalchuk's spot.

Add the first round pick and you've have a basis of what Atlanta would minimum accept from New York: Callahan, Staal, Grachev, 1st Round Pick for Kovalchuk and a throw in like Jim Slater.

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