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12-14-2009, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Failure By Design View Post
These are professional athletes they are in good shape, except maybe the old guys like Brash, but most of them came to camp ready to compete except maybe Sangs he struggled. This isn't a case of practice, its a matter of competing night in and night out. They are not a competitive team even with a lead, and as soon as they fall behind you can pretty much guess the game is over because they have little fight in em. If I was in NY and actually paid to go watch them play I would be disgusted, the effort isn't there and it is sickening. Far too many guys just cashing in there checks.
The whole culture of this team is disgusting as a fan, it's as if they expect to lose every night and can't wait for the final buzzer.
They really play like there's no will to compete, like they have no faith in their teammates or the "system" (if there even is one) at all.
I'm starting to believe there are serious problems in the locker room, or maybe like most fans they've come to realize that they just don't have the tools to make a playoff run and have kind of given up.

I'm still waiting for that 5-6 game winning streak, until then I'm convinced that this team should worry more about the 2010 draft lottery than any kind of playoff aspirations.

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