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12-23-2004, 12:13 PM
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My take is that anytime you have a nerve injury

Originally Posted by JR#9
For all those who have seen the reports about Blackie going to the ECHL, again the ECHL, and doubting what I had said about Slats comments about him not being able to recover from PERMANENT nerve damage in the shoulder to play at the NHL level, again the NHL level I just wanted to point out a few quick points.

--as I just stated above what I reported Slats said was that Blackie wouldn't receover to the point that would allow him to play professionally at the NHL level.I never said Slats said he'd never play hockey again but just not at the top level due to the restrictions the nerve damage has placed on him.

He may be able to play in the ECHL or maybe even Hartford but according to Slats he'll never recover enough to be a blueshirt and play amoung the worlds best.

--Anyone looking for more on the matter should simply pick up the latest edition of Blueshirt Bulliten and read the article they have about Blackie and his attempt to come back from injury.That too states he'll start playing and practicing in the MINORS after the new Year but anyone who is getting overjoyed by this or feels that this means Danny's back on the fast Track to MSG only needs to read the last paragraph of the article.

In that last paragraph Danny states "I'm going to work hard to get back to the NHL and that remains my goal UNTIL SOMEBODY TELLS ME OTHERWISE".

What does that say to you?

Obviously the "somebody" he's refering to is a doctor and again quite obviously there is significant doubt even within Danny's mind otherwise he'd never make such a statement.

Again I hope I'm wrong on all of this b/c I loved Blackie's chances of being a top NHL goalie and was even one of the "Blackie still going to make it back to being a top goalie" chanters up until the comments from Slats were relayed to me.

And that was stupid on my part because the writing has been on the wall at least since the summer when he still hasn't come close to recovering and there has been nothing significant to report about his progress except the fact that there has been no progress in the rehab for the most part.

Again, the only thing I can say with a 100% certainty on the matter is that Slats DID make these comments about Dan never making back to the NHL, again NHL ever due to the injury.
you really never know what the recovery time line is, or whether the player will ever fully recover. Having said that, JD said that the organization was aware that one of the nerves had not responded and that it was felt that it would take longer than hoped.

I've always wondered why you really want a goaltender lifting weights in the first place. I understand upper body strength and all that, but he is not going to be clearing the crease himself.

The fact that he is taking the ice is a step forward. That cast no aspersions on what you reported. I think the answer may be forth coming something during 2005 on Blackburn. Let's all wait and see before the verdict is in.