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12-23-2004, 02:05 PM
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I got my XXX's Tuesday as basically a Christmas present, but I had to get them heated and all and we have a tournament over in Naples as I play on South Florida's east coast (incidentally, we have teams coming from Georgia, Oshawa, Port Huron, etc.. and we're playing at the Everblades (ECHL) complex), so I got them earlier so I could get used to them.

I used them in a game last night for the first time after skating for 20 minutes in a seperate practice before the game.

They are the sickest skates I've ever used. It feels like ur wearing a regular shoe they are so light, and they are way lighter than the XX's. I was using the Vector Pro's, but I got so much more power in my stride and I could go so fast that after coming in on a breakaway full speed in the practice, when I peeled off after scoring , I was going so fast that on the turn, it was hard not to run into the boards, but the turning is so good that you don't need to worry.

Best skates ever by far IMHO at least out of what I've used, although I don't like the XXX gloves. I prefer my XX gloves to them. If you have the money and want a great skate, get the XXX's. They will really improve your speed as also, they allowed me to get so much more power in my stride that I didn't get as tired when I skated fast. Like honestly, I went from being #3 or 4 fastest on my team (Midget 18-U travel (just turned 16), to the fastest skater just like that. These skates are sick. I recommend them to anyone who has had Bauers before especially. They are the real deal and are so protective. So so so so good. Sadly, my next practice isn't till Sunday and the tourney doesn't start till Wednesday. All I can do is stare at my skates in my room untill then............... not. But really these skates are unreal.

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