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12-23-2004, 02:40 PM
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But you earlier in the thread said there was absolutely no way the NYR's would let Blackburn play if he had ANY NERVE damage but yet he is going to play in the ECHL next month.

Now this is your whole basis that proves I'm wrong according to you so stop running and just answer the question that I know you won't because either way it exposes you and your "logic" because if you tell me that he has no damage your obviously a fool but on the other hand your telling me Danny is going to play so obvious he would be doing so without the shoulder being healed from the nerve damage, the very same damage that hasn't healed in 2 yrs.

Why does it escape you that they are at the point where they are saying "this is it Danny, the nerve isn't going to regenerate and it's time to test what you can do facing shots again while working through what will be a permanent condition".

You jumping up and down about him testing what he can and can't do with the nerev damage is what is hysterical here.

And as Fletch said earlier, I'm amoung the biggest Blackburn fans out there.I pray he makes it back and proves me wrong.Doesn't change the facts of the situation as well as reality.

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