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12-23-2004, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by pleasemyboy
"Hey man, i hear ya. When you throw out huge rumors like JR did, he's gotta expect to have some doubters."

He's pretty funny. He is very angry with me. Maybe he will turn out to be right and he can talk smack till the end of time. However, I'm not betting on some drunk dude who was bowling when it comes to the future of Blackburn
I can certainly deal with doubters BUT when some no nothing newbie comes on here crowing and in his very first post tries and point out that my story was a crock of **** all based on the news of Blackie going to the ECHL, again the ECHL to face shots just set me off.

It should dawn on you new guys that all the veterans from the board have said they 100% buy my story b/c they know I never post things like this as I have no inside connections and have never claimed to have such things.

However I do go to alot of these small and private team functions and while I wasn't at this one my friend I grew up with and who attends 15 games a yr with me in my season tix attended and was shooting the **** w/Slats while bowling at one of these and I can say with 100% confidence that what I psoted is what Slats said about Danny and as time goes by it is becoming more and more obvious to everyone except those who chose to stick their heads in the sand that this will be the case.

It's funny how this newbie is saying now that I may be right.This guy is hedging everything he's posted thus far and runs when he gets a question posed to him after starting this whole thing up in a thread that was deleted.

And the funny thing is I'd love to have to take lumps if it meant seeing Danny in a NYR uniform or and NHL uniform BUT I can say with absoltue certainty that this is what Slats said 2 weeks ago.

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