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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
And to the gentleman that still wishes to chrip despite being on my ignore list, please keep my name out of your mouth. Nobody rattled your cage.
Me? I didn't mention your name and I didn't quote you but that didn't stop you from flipping out the last time I disagreed with you. Posters sometime have different opinions and if someone questions mine, it's fair game. You seem to have an issue with it, but oh well. But then again if I'm your ignore list, none of this ever happened did it? Like a tree falling in the woods.... On to more important matters.

Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
I liked how fluid he looked, smooth skater, creative, pretty good hands. You could see he is an offense first winger, and for this team that is a good thing. I think with time Tlusty can be a valuable top 6/9 guy for us.
Confidence has been an issue with him and I think having played for Maurice for both Toronto teams before helped quite a bit. He's looked pretty comfortable overall and he has looked to make plays instead of just getting through a shift without making a mistake like many young guys do who are with a new team.

For the most part, he's shown good offensive instincts and he sees the ice quite well. Only time will tell, as the cliche goes, on the trade for Paradis but you can see the potential that caused the Canes to want to make the trade. Paradis was a guy the Leafs had rated fairly highly too so it's understandable that they'd be interested given his Burke-like physical style of play.

Not that I expect him to use it all that much for hitting, given his style of play, but Tlusty has some pretty good size. As he matures that should help him stay strong on the puck in the high traffic areas. The other side note is that the fact the organization gave so much credence to Maurice's input on him is a pretty clear signal that his job isn't in jeopardy any time soon despite the payroll rollbacks due to Lavi's hiring and McCarthy's departure.

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