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12-15-2009, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by JackZap View Post
i did. He saying that he wants to play, either in montreal or somewhere else. Obviously he isnt playing here, so what else can he mean? For Gainey to tell Martin to play him? What OTHER solutions are there?
You're problem is that you are putting the causality of events in reverse.

Halak talks to Bob, tells him he wants to play more, they discuss of the possibilities, and Halak confirms what he told him in the past that he is opened to go elsewhere if it means he'd be playing MORE (cause face it, Halak would prefer to stay here, as the starter), its pretty obvious Halak doesn't want to go elsewhere either if he ends up in the same situation as he is here, might as well stay here.

Than BG makes a couple phone calls (or not), sees his worth on the market, tries getting something done. But it doesn't work out.

BG tells all of this to Raymond to be put into an article...

BG is only playing nice with Halak so that Halak remains patient and productive (read, till the end of the season) while they can find a way to accomodate him.

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