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12-15-2009, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Go big from that armchair in your flippin house.

You know Howson won't do anything you suggested. But you sound so cool making demands. You are in heaven right now. Enjoy it. Maybe you need to direct your anger in Howson's general direction, because you know it's going to be retreads and internal development. I've wanted a #1 for just as long as anyone else. I know I'm going to be disappointed at every turn.

I'm not jumping up and down for Pitkanen, I'm only suggesting something that Howson might actually consider. Bum or no, he's does some things that a lot of our crap can't. And he actually did play well under Hitch once.
Keep accepting mediocrity, Blah. That sort of attitude has allowed this management and ownership group to continually sell us slop and say its filet mignon. Until they realize that the fan base as a whole is demanding something more they'll keep giving you Antoine Vermette and Joni Pitkanen figuring its enough to placate you.

Oh, I know, "we're a budget team." And whose decision is that? Certainly not the fans. Its not as if this team's ticket prices reflect its budget. And then there's the whole seat license racket. But "they're losing money." Well, hey, maybe if their owner had thought it was more important to review the lease he was given that wouldn't be the case.

Laugh at my ire if it helps you sleep at night, but until more people get to the point where they start demanding more (especially, like it or not, season ticket holders) this team will continue its nickel and dime solution to its problems.

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