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12-15-2009, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
That's exactly it. And if Philly, who has the worst goalie situation in the league as we speak, doesn't want to give up anything substantial, why would anybody else? There's three starting goaltenders i can think of that are worse than Halak: Brian Elliott, Jimmy Howard, and Vesa Toskala.
That's a really short-sighted analysis as you've only considered talent this year, while completely disregarding the future and salary cap, and UFA issues. Halak won't be UFA for a few years, so he'll either be cheap for someone during that time, or they will receive compensation picks if someone gets him with an offer sheet. You should have included teams with aging goaltenders (Dallas) likely to decline in the near future; those near the cap max; those with two fairly expensive goalies; impending UFAs, especially those expected to get raises on teams with little cap space; goalies that are under-performing; and those with any combination of the above, especially those with no prospect near ready to come up through the system.

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