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09-22-2003, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Behind Enemy Lines
Dragoon, I maybe naive here but even with the inexperienced lineup that played on Saturday, I went to the game hoping and expecting the Oilers to compete and possibly win.
You're not naive because you hope and expect them to win. (they damn well better compete, or they don't deserve our support) I wear my heart on my sleeve hoping and expecting the Oilers to win every game.
I get nervous when excuse making is used for losing.
No one is making excuses for losing. If I ever heard a player or coach make an excuse, I would lead the "tar and feather" brigade.
The Oiler team was very inexperienced. However many of these guys are fighting for NHL jobs and have a ton to prove. There's no reason they couldn't have beaten the Flames. This was a great chance for many bubble boys to rise to the occasion and surprise the more experienced Flamers lineup. Unfortunately, beyond Conklin, I really didn't see any of those succeed against all odds players. But again, it was one game and an exhibition one at that.
It was "a great chance for many bubble boys to rise to the occasion". If they had, it would have caused MacT some exquisite headaches trying to trim the roster. Then, of course, he would throw at least one of these games at us every preseason. wtf - it's the perfect time to see how they handle extreme pressure.
I expected the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team to Lose. But they beat the best team in the world on the way to Gold. No team should expect to lose or they are already that much closer to so doing. Again, maybe I'm just naive in believing this.
I didn't say they expected to lose. I said they were expected to lose, by everyone who knew that lineup. When you're expected to lose, you're the "underdog". Bookies will give odds that you won't win and if you do win, you do so in spite of the odds (and pay out handsomely, I might add).

The game was an intensified preseason assessment tool.

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