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12-15-2009, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FOXHOUND View Post
so 1 good game out of 31 gives him a pass?
no, but clearly this is a frustration thread based on another loss, and somehow Roszy and Drury (to a lesser extent Redden) are scapegoats still.

It's a crappy situation, but it makes little sense to send Roszy down, and it'd be a PR disaster and just embarrassing to send our captain down.

If Roszy can string together a bunch of good games, get some points, he makes $4mil in 2010/11 and $3mil in 11/12. It makes much more sense from a GM's perspective to keep him up and look to deal him when the time's right.

Drury is most likely playing out his entire contract here, the sooner we accept that the sooner we can all have logical and rational discussions about where the team goes from here.

It sucks that these players don't play up to their contract, but everyone should look at other leagues with salary caps. On every successful team, for every overpaid player, no matter how vastly overpaid, you've got a bunch of great players that are underpaid or on their first contracts contributing. The NFL especially. We simply have too many overpaid players and not enough underpaid. You go beyond Roszy, Dru, Redden....and you've got: Higgins making ~2mil, Kotalik 3mil, Brash 1.4mil, Voros 1mil, Callahan 2.3mil, you could even say Lisin at 800K is wasted salary. Vali at 825K was wasted salary. You can argue Avery at ~2mil per is too much; he's a glorified 3rd liner.

The same people that sit here up in arms about Drury's contract are just as quick to want to waste that money on a guy like Lecavalier, who's on the decline and will more than likely never sniff his career highs if he's here.

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