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12-15-2009, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Turtleneck Plek View Post
Rejaune had some pretty funny stuff about Marinaro in today's La Presse.

First, a couple days ago, while talking about the Pascal-Diaconu fight, he sent an insult to Marinaro:

''Parlant d'image, on a eu droit hier soir au Centre Bell a une belle caricature d'un imbécile. Un animateur de CHOM est monté dans le ring, menotté, pour se faire battre par deux filles portant de gros gants. Les gens ont hué. Sans doute une brillante idée de Tony Marinaro.''

After readers pointed out to him that Marinaro actually worked at Team 990, that's what he had to say:

''Certains lecteurs m'ont écrit pour me dire que Tony Marinaro travaillait à Team 990. Je le sais. Ça ne l'empêche pas d'avoir des idées brillantes quand même. Et d'avoir du fiel dans la bouche quand il parle des francophones. J'ai justement une belle et riche collection de perles...''

For anglos, Rejean said that CHOM radio had a crowd-entertainer go on the ring and get hit by two good-looking girls. He then said, sarcastically and for no reason at all, that it was probably Marinaro's fault. After readers sent emails to him saying Marinaro worked a Team 990, he answered that it was ok, because Marinaro was a franco-hating anglo and that he (Rej) had a lot of good quotes of Marinaro hating on francos. LOL.
Two days before Lattendresse was traded Marinaro was on L'attaque a 5. He said that he was aware the Gainey was trying to trade Lattendresse. JC Lajoie laughed at him saying it would never happen and insinuated that Tony knew nothing. Two days later guess who was laughing.

He can call Marinaro or anyone he wants a francophone hater, but like the post above illustrated with the pot calling the kettle black, Tremblay is as big of an anglo hater as you can get, but I guess as long as you write for a french paper thats OK.

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