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12-16-2009, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Voda View Post
hang in there flyboys. it was bleak for the pens as late as february last year. it's still a long way to go. for some reason, i'm pulling for yinz. the playoffs just wouldn't be the same without a pit/phi matchup.
Yeah you're right, Pitts wouldn't be guaranteed to win at least one round.

Side note: While this isn't news, I just have to say that Doc is absolutely the best play by play guy. I have noticed that commentators, through out the course of the game, tend to verbally blow the team they perceive to be stronger and pick apart the weaker team, particularly if the game is baring that idea out. And they do so to the exclusion of positives for the losing team and negative plays for the winning team. Emirick calls it very even.

As a response to the comments of some posters, I don't know that effort was the issue here tonight. Execution definitely was. Then again the Pens are one of the two best teams in the league. That combined with all the Flyers other issues at the moment and this is what you get.

When you're rolling as weak a bottom six as we are right now*, and you get to go into the champ's building and have them choosing match ups . . . it's not going to go well.

* IMO Nodl and Kalinski are not NHL level players (at all). Effort wise, sure, skill wise.......not so much. I like Pyorala's game, but like the other two, he is good for squat as far as creating anything offensively.

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