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12-16-2009, 06:35 AM
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Know what I find amusing? People who say "so and so" didn't show up, he was invisible, I hardly noticed him, didn't hear his name said by the announcers, blah blah blah. I've never understood. Weren't you watching? How is it possible to watch a hockey game and not see every player? How is it possible to watch a hockey game and not see Mike Richards playing? I saw a lot of that in this thread. He's been bad for the last month, but honestly, how do you not see him out there? Do you just watch the puck and depend on the announcers to tell you who's around? Jesus.

Cote plays two minutes a night, but fight or not, I see him out there. I wonder if that's why people can't appreciate Ryan Parent - because they follow the puck. If he's not scoring 8 goals a night then people don't notice him because the puck isn't on his stick. It's kind of dumb, really. Really low level hockey fans.

But I digress...horrible game, horrible team. It's hard to imagine the playoffs being in sight for a team this bad. Hope it turns around, obviously, but wow. Carcillo and Timonen are my only untouchables right now. Everyone else I would trade for the right deal.

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