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Originally Posted by ShannMC17 View Post
So I was wondering if anyone thinks that there is an age where it's just impossible to learn how to play hockey. I'm 22 years old, and I have recently decided that I want to learn how to play hockey, I know it's going to be hard but I am determined to learn how to play. I don't want to just watch the game anymore, I want to be involved. Just finished my first skating lessons and now I'm going to take an intro to hockey class.

So all in all I'm just wondering if anyone else has learned to play hockey at my age?
Your body, physically will tell you. The mind probably would play hockey all day if it could.

Since you're 22 you're probably not in a weary shape (unless you're either way frail or way huge), and should have no problem getting into the game. Don't expect to ever be as instinctively good as the "few great" kids you'll play with who are always stars..they've had experience for probably 18 years or so on you as far as skating goes, and growing up as a hockey player provides instincts you can't find anywhere else.

BUT don't get discouraged, because you can learn the fundamentals and physical aspect of it from trainers and all of those you can. Go to stick and pucks, open hockeys....don't be afraid of open hockeys. Try to go to the early morning ones, it's usually chill working guys or college kids like me who don't want to worry too much about making mistakes or keeping up...the younger speedy guys often go late nights and meet up with friends.

Another big thing is don't just focus on the physical aspect of the game. Practice stickhandling while you're watching TV, but when you watch hockey make note of the little things, how the PROS use their edges to control how they move, how they tend to skate in an almost semi circular manner sometimes to keep momentum, how they lean their bodies, where there heads look, where they position their bodies to always see the puck.

If you've been playing the NHL series for a while you may already have a basic instinct for the game, being mentally prepared and IN the game are just as important as being physically ready.

I highly recommend the following:

Books on hockey technique
Instructional videos on hockey technique
NEVER TURNING DOWN A LESSON! Even if you learn something "wrong" or you don't like, the more knowledge you have the better!

Eventually you will develop a play style all your own and you must play to that. This is also important. If you are big and not speedy, don't try to be marian gaborik or st. a rick nash or a mike grier. Use your body to shield the puck if you've got a big one, but if you're small and have quick hands be agile and fast.

Play to your strengths, ALWAYS play a team game and for extra homework go back through the past 25 or so pages of this specific forum. You will find that many questions you may encounter are already answered in detail here, and even better that you may learn stuff that you have yet to deal with so that when it does come time to, it comes naturally.

And I guess most importantly, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have fun. If they game isn't fun, it isn't worth playing. Unless you're getting paid to do it. But it already sounds like you've seen enough to draw you to the other side of the glass, so lace em up, skate hard, be modest in learning but celebrant when you succeed. Hockey is a lot like life.

Ups and downs and weird bounces that change everything, heartbreak and beauty, blood, sweat tears and hard work will end you up in a good place: at the very least you set a goal for yourself and are now one step closer to completion.

Welcome to the family!

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