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I actually do agree with this one. Martin Brodeur behind Steve Yzerman was one of the big head scratchers of the last list for me. I mean, you have a guy at the top of his position multiple times and near the top of his position almost every year of his career, against a guy near the top a few times and then a bit below for most of his career. And it's not like Yzerman has the playoff advantage (I think they are pretty even in the playoffs).

Brodeur should be at least as high as Sakic, 5-10 spots ahead of Yzerman.

(In my mind, there is also zero justification for Brodeur below Glenn Hall, but that's an argument for another day).
And I will be ready and waiting that day

I also agree with your assessment of Brodeur vs Hall. Hall was probably the better regular season goalie, but his statistics are significantly worse in playoff games than in the regular season. Brodeur's are significantly better in the playoffs than the regular season, as he has always done it big when it counts most.
But fact is, that is a direct result of the teams he played on.

Glenn Hall did not lower his play in the playoffs. You aren't going to convince me he is signifigantly worse in the playoffs than Brodeur to make up for the signifigant regular season edge. Glenn Hall playing poorly in the playoffs is a stat-created myth.

Over the last ATD playoffs, as the owner of Glenn Hall, I poured through old globe and mail newspaper articles trying to disprove supposed playoffs where Hall played poorly in an effort to stop the constant attacking of his playoff record.. And it was discovered he didn't in years where the stats suggest he was dreadful. The stars of the Hawks did come out to play in the playoffs for the most part (including Hall), but it seems the rest of the team just vanished. And unfortunately for Hall's playoff record, hockey is a team sport.

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