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Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
But fact is, that is a direct result of the teams he played on.

Glenn Hall did not lower his play in the playoffs. You aren't going to convince me he is signifigantly worse in the playoffs than Brodeur to make up for the signifigant regular season edge. Glenn Hall playing poorly in the playoffs is a stat-created myth.

Over the last ATD playoffs, as the owner of Glenn Hall, I poured through old globe and mail newspaper articles trying to disprove supposed playoffs where Hall played poorly in an effort to stop the constant attacking of his playoff record.. And it was discovered he didn't in years where the stats suggest he was dreadful. The stars of the Hawks did come out to play in the playoffs for the most part (including Hall), but it seems the rest of the team just vanished. And unfortunately for Hall's playoff record, hockey is a team sport.

Volume I-The Detroit Years-

Volume II-1963-
I have to disagree with the bolded part. In the playoffs, every goalie in the league faces, on average, better teams than they do in the regular season, so their stats probably should all get worse. Of the top goalies to ever play, he is the only one whose stats actually do take a significant drop in the playoffs. In fact, most of these goalies have performed better than they did in the regular season. Hall may not have been worse in the playoffs than he was in the regular season, but he did not step it up like many of his peers.

You're going to have a tough time selling your argument that Hall's stats are significantly worse in the playoffs because most of his teammates played worse every single year. What is more likely, one person consistently underperforms or a dozen people all consistenly underperform?

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