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Originally Posted by TANK200 View Post
I have to disagree with the bolded part. In the playoffs, every goalie in the league faces, on average, better teams than they do in the regular season, so their stats probably should all get worse. Of the top goalies to ever play, he is the only one whose stats actually do take a significant drop in the playoffs. In fact, most of these goalies have performed better than they did in the regular season. Hall may not have been worse in the playoffs than he was in the regular season, but he did not step it up like many of his peers.

You're going to have a tough time selling your argument that Hall's stats are significantly worse in the playoffs because most of his teammates played worse every single year. What is more likely, one person consistently underperforms or a dozen people all consistenly underperform?
Well first off, I'll inquire if you read through the volumes. Again, much of his signifigance drops in stats seem to be a result of the team around him, as I indicated.

Hall may not have always stepped it up, but his regular season play is so excellent that I do not feel that it is that bad to not step it up.

Teams can consistently underperform, even if they are regular season powerhouses. The Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks of modern times come to mind. Sure, it's more likely that one guy underperforms, but it doesn't mean a dozen people can all consistently underperform for an umber of reasons.

Frankly I feel that the two posts I linked to do a fine job of showing Hall's stat decrease was more so the teams around him, in the years they cover if nothing else.

Not that Hall's stats always decreased. His cup and conn smythe runs come to mind.

Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
I disagree. Stats completely aside(Although they are nice when you are trying to build a case), I was one of the louder advocates of this opinion having personally seen him lay several eggs in the playoffs. When I think of that Chicago team, the first 2 things I blame for them not having more cups is Hall, and depth. Hall was just not a guy you saw often stealing games on his own like most of the other top goaltenders in the playoffs(The only goaltenders ahead of him on the list were renowned for stealing games). There were times when the opposing goaltenders were stealing games for Detroit, Montreal, Toronto when Chicago outplaying them and Hall let in a goal or two he should have had as well.

I know I am in the minority for this opinion though.

If you scoured the newspapers, Ill assume you found Adams public lashing of Hall after game 5 in Boston.
"I don't mean to criticize", Adams said, preparing to criticize, "But Hall looked bad on Doug Mohns goal and worse on Cal Gardiner's. We should have had a 2 goal lead after the second period"

That being said, I have them ranked virtually equal, with Brodeur being only a single slot away.
Hall played well enough to steal a game a couple times in the volumes. But, because his team wasn't playing well enough, he didn't win the game.

I did search for that quote- because my opponent was referencing a post you made-and failed to find it. Could you direct me to it's origin?

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