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12-24-2004, 01:32 PM
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I don't know if this guy even watches hockey. People were raving about Blackburn after his rookie year. The team was soooooo bad defensively in front of him it was ridiculous. Then he tells me Fleury was better? Fleury stunk. Period. So bad that the Penquins realized he wasn't ready for the NHL yet.

The Rangers never made any commitment to play kids till what was supposed to be this season. Stating that our prospects stink is idiotic. How would you know? They never played and it wasn't because they stunk. It was because the Ranger mentality was to play a team basically consisting of all old players.

Fedor was so good the dopes couldn't keep him down for long but much like with Lampman it took injuries for him to get his chance. Then the light bulb went on in Sather's head and he said, "Damn. These guys can play" Then he cleaned house.

I mean, if you hate this team that much then go find another one.