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12-24-2004, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish
Yes of course you are right, you need to build a team around good goaltending and a team approach before you get too crazy with the offensive stars. And of course that defuses some of my criticisms when it comes to their drafting styles.

I should also add that Maloney took much greater risks with some of his picks (Olver, Callahan, Bahensky, Psurny in particular) than Renney had and it was probably a good time to do that. I hope they do continue to do that in the next draft, because the Rangers have built a good base of players now that should enable them to gamble a little more going forward.

As for Furrer, I managed to get an update on him from one of the posters here at HF who does updates of the Nationaliga. The one piece of news that I thought was most interesting is that he'd like to come over and play in the NCAA, maybe as soon as next season when his contract runs out with Bern:

Here's the complete summary of what he had to say:
Yea, I agree with what your saying. Aside from a couple of picks like Byers and Dubinsky, I really think the Rangers had a good draft. If one or two of their gambles can work out then the Rangers draft will probably look very nice in a few years after you factor in Montoya and Korpikoski as well.

The Rangers have added some nice players in recent years, but they still lack the top end players. The next few years should hopefully see us land some front line players. When you add them to our current prospects and other future gambles you will probably see a very good young team.

When you compare the Maloney/Renney drafts to those of Smiths era I think you see a huge jump. I wouldn't say we are the best drafting team by any means, but I feel like we went from one of the 3-4 worst to a top 10 team in terms of drafting. It looks like we are adding a couple NHL players in each draft which is pretty darn good considering how much a crap shoot it is. The Calgary camps from Renney seem to have really helped spark our guys as well.

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