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Originally Posted by dre2112 View Post
It's the same reason why we had to go to 7 games against Boston in 07-08 after we killed them in the regular season. The only difference was that Boston played the body harder and we went from virtual domination of the Bruins to barely getting passed them in the playoffs. Same song vs Philly, except they did a better job of containing us using their size and position to keep us to the outside. Yes, Biron had good numbers, but mostly because we took low percentage shots from the outside.

Then in 08-09, we bowed to the Bruins in 4. An embarrassment on all levels.

With Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri et al, don't expect it to change.
Actually, the reason Boston took us to 7Games was because we went 3/33 on the PP.
The PP was the ONLY reason why we finished 1st that year. We lead the league with 24.1%.

In the POs vs Boston, they limited us to 9%. That's a drop of 15%.
Had we produced to our 24% range, we would have scored 8PPG. Considering 3 of the losses were only by a 1 goal margin, there's no reason to think that series could have been much shorter if we'd kept the same PP efficiency as the regular season one.

Are you going to argue that the reason our PP was so low was because our PP players were so afraid of the big bad bruins they refused to get into their zone and preferred to chill by the blueline??..

Philly didn't dominate us whatsoever. There's two reasons we lost that series. Biron played the best hockey of his career and Price arguably his worse. 177Shots For, 133SA.
Philly scored once out of every 15shots (20G in 5GP). Had we scored at the same pace, we would have had 27GF but instead finished with 13.
Our PP finally got rolling again, averaging 27%, but our goaltending was simply horrendous and did more harm than good for us during that series.
Let's not forget that Umberger went absolutely berserk against us scoring 8G if I remember correctly (10 overall in POs), after netting just 13 during the whole regular season.

The reason we got completely manhandled last year was very simple and I can't believe anyone would try to pass it off on ''size''.
Markov-Schneider-Lang-Tanguay, were all out. Bouillon played with an injury. Kost broz-Price-Higgins lost all focus after constantly being talked about, criticized and wrongfully accused of certain things by the media. Hammer was having a tough time.

Size is greatly overrated among this forum. It's great to have big solid players, but it's not a problem if you don't have any.

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