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12-17-2009, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by SeventyOne View Post
"we can't beat them so... lets try to BEAT on them!!11one!"

yeah that really worked out well last game... enjoy another thumpin' and you stay classy philly!
See, here's whats sad about you. We appreciate that we suck right now. And in a joke pointing out my own team's futility (and the poor chance of victory), I also allude to our reputation as being dirty as well. A bit of a double whammy at our own expense.

Originally Posted by SeventyOne View Post
perhaps we should be calling for player injuries and blood since we know that we can not beat our opponent on the ice, that seems to be flyer "fans" MO and we all know how well liked you intelligent humans being are loved league wide!
Not only does the original post go over your head (I guess I should use that god damned sarcasm smiley), but you brought up how well liked we aren't as a fan base. Seriously? Half of your fans spent the month of July being condescending ****** and posting Crosby and Cup photos everywhere they could. I hate to break it to you, but you are not overly well liked as a fan base either.

And then you go on to post the word fans in quotes. Nicely done. So how long have you been a true-blue, die hard Pittsburgh fan? 6 months? A year? Maybe you're a real veteran.........2 years?

P.S. Go Steelers!

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