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12-17-2009, 04:45 AM
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Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post

They LOVE OSU football there.

I respect their love for it. I like OSU but not as much as they do.

How can you blame them? I mean, look at what they've had.

NFL--Browns and Cinci

NBA--Do they?

NHL--The newest, and is doing well I believe?

They've loved OSU since....welll forever!

When was the last time, Ohio has one a championship in pro sports..It's been a long ass time.
NBA - another one of my hated love affairs - the Cleveland LeBrons.

My girlfriend is from Cleveland, and ironically, loves Mo Williams, I'm cool with that. But LeBron James has become a bane of my existence in day to day Ohio life. You should've heard the buzz when ESPN mentioned he was considering playing for the Browns or whatever that malarky was all about.

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