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12-17-2009, 05:43 AM
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I honestly think there's a locker room divide right now and it's a power struggle between Richards and Pronger. Honestly, the moment Pronger came on board, Richards should have relinquished the C to Pronger and just worry about playing his game. Instead, Richards has hung on to that C for dear life, pulled a bit of a 'tude with the media when questioned about how there was a party scene clique last season, and has not once sought out advice from either Pronger or Laperriere. Instead, he's internalized everything and has said the standard stuff to not get anyone upset.

I really think Pronger has held back, but if this streak continues, I could very easily see Pronger and Laperriere throw their weight around the locker room and make life miserable for Mike. If Mike wants to be a leader, now is the time to go to guys like Pronger and Laperriere and ask them to help. Ask them for advice, ask them to help lead the team. If it helps, maybe even give up the C to one of the two and have them lead the team. Keep an A, but learn from great leaders what it's like to lead. That would be the best thing.

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