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12-17-2009, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
I go on a lot of meaningless rants on meaningless topics. Helps me vent off the frustration of ****** games. You've been around long enough to shrug it off. Don't take things too literal, right? I've wished people death before because of a hockey game. I didn't see anyone saying "you shouldn't do that" because it's just a rant.

Sorry to those I offended who really love the phrase "he was invisible".
Yeah, it's alright, I totally know what you mean. For instance, I've seen a bunch of people suggest that Richards is a "poor man's Zetterberg." I don't understand. What would a poor man have to do with Zetterberg? Or Richards? Are they trying to say that Richards is poor? Or are they trying to say that some poor man is the owner of Zetterberg? How could it be possible for any person, let alone some poor man, to be the owner of Zetterberg? Do people seriously think that could be true? Jesus. And even if that is the case, it still doesn't explain where Richards fits in.

But anyway, I pointed all that stuff out to some Detroit fans that were discussing it on their board. One of them told me to "mind my own business." I didn't understand. I don't own a business. Does that guy think I own a business? How the hell would he know if I own a business or not? How would it be possible for him to know that? And even if he was right, I'm trying to have a discussion about Richards, so why the hell should I go do that? Jesus.

But whatever, those Detroit fans are kind of dumb, really. Really low level hockey fans.

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