Thread: Larry Brooks: Tortorella must lay down law
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12-17-2009, 04:05 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
if you watch this video its very telling. torts may be mad but he looked like a dope.

the question about "dirty goals", torts seems bitter, angry that we arent getting those goals. he says we never get them. he seems like hes resigned that this team is almost unable to score. its weird.

but hes partially correct. hank gives up a crappy goal almost nightly and some are garbage deflections, etc. but dirty goals are the product of getting dirty, going hard to the net and going into places that arent the perimiter. we dont get many because we dont go there and make our own dirty goals.

lisins goal last night prolly would have gone in BUT, weve had a few examples of slam dunk goals NOT go in, so who can say a stick doesnt come out of nowhere and sweep that puck off the goal line. a goal is a goal and at this point well take em any way we can. i can think of any number of avery and higgins chances that seemed like they were in the net, wide open goals, etc. and we come up with nothing.

2. brooksies question gets him when he asked why the team played so bad the first 20min.. theres a long awkward pause when brooks say what do you need to do and torts says play efin harder and brooks YOU. what do you need to do. and torts stumbles and then says it will be decided before tomos game larry. he completely failed there. didnt ackowledge the question and gave an answer deflecting his responsability. he doesnt say what he can do. nothing. very telling. brooks really zinged him good and torts look like a tool.

3. torts answer about playing "like this" in a game like this is unacceptable and saying there has to be something done. and then hes says well see all the waywhats gonna be done. huh ? wheres the accountability. wheres the conviction ?


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