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12-25-2004, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
BUT I can say with absoltue certainty that this is what Slats said 2 weeks ago.
Not to throw fuel on the fire, but as a big Blackburn fan, wasn't this story you told secondhand? I thought your friend told you about Sather's you can't be absolute certain unless you were there. I apologize if I'm wrong but then again hearing disappointing gossip (I don't think it constutes news at this point) whose credibility has no bearings, you would expect some doubts. I dont doubt what you heard your friend say...I just dont what he is reporting (but then again its also wishful thinking).

EDIT: let me throw out a theory for you. Perhaps in his drunken stupor and repeatedly being ask this question, he told the fella that Blackburn was done in hopes that gossip would spread and wouldnt have face all these questions (When will Blackie be ready? Why did you draft Montoya when you have 2 suberb goaltending prospects in net?) by your average Joe Schmoe sending him emails and stoppin him on the street. Many GMs like to blow smoke (Dougie Wilson does it well) so its a possibility.


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