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12-25-2004, 10:00 AM
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Yeah BigE...

as Brooklyn said, many of us have actually met this JR person on several occasions. And credibility is added in what you post. I have no doubt that JR's not making anything up here. He hasn't in the past, he has no reason to, and, this is news that JR would not like to hear being a Blackburn fan and all. Could there have been something lost in the translation? Sure. But I think if anybody believes Blackburn is healthy, they're crazy as this kid hasn't played in almost two years, is now 22, I believe, and should've recovered quicker being that age (he was 20 at the time). It's a serious injury, and even Blackburn says he'll play until someone tells him he can't...meaning, he's not 100% (at least that's how I interpret it), and he'll see how things go. Perhaps he can fight through whatever he has. Hopefully he can, and I'm sure Sather's hoping he can. Sounds much like the Charnetski story.

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