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12-18-2009, 03:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Davidhye View Post
CaptivAte, Cheechoo and Chong, drunksage, Ender, Lee Van Cleef*, Obsessed Sharks Fan, sharkbite3, SJfortheCUP, Spacemania, StanJohns, TrappedInFullerton ... need to be banned.

WTF?? LVC is banned????
Sue me, I made my vote on a 1 game opinion of him since I don't get to watch games all too often. I didn't find him overly annoying like John Shrader, and not absolutely god awful. Most women don't do anything for me in sports television, even if they're good looking, however, I wouldn't mind either Jaymie or Kate in place of Brodie since they're all about on par to me anyways. Brodie did make a statistical mistake today, though, and I yelled at the TV. lol

Also, his name sounds like the name of a bad pron star.

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