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12-18-2009, 05:18 AM
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Originally Posted by The Four Seven View Post
Very good points, Mike. I wish we could ask Claude or Hitch why they don't.

Tyutin's been on my **** list for a while, but tonight he really solidified his spot on top of said list. I missed Nash's goal as it happened because I was busy doing an epic eyeroll for Fedor's suck-ass one-timer. If the CBJ need to get rid of anyone, it's Commodore and now Tyutin.
I believe it's because the players don't have the skill. Our forwards (and defenseman FWIW) have such a tough time making a pass under pressure and also have trouble receiving a pass cleanly and getting a quick, accurate shot off. Plus, have you ever seen Juice hang onto the puck below the goal line or work to get open in the low slot?

The fact is that our team just doesn't have tight area skill. Watch the top teams in the league, they draw the defender and make a pass to the area the defender just vacated to a teammate who arrives for a quick shot on goal.

The easiest way to score goals in the NHL is to out number the defenders down low and get pucks to the front of the net. Our guys are either too small and weak to control the puck near the goal line (Huselius, Filatov, Brassard-this year) or not skilled enough to control the puck and make a good pass and finish in front of the net. This is why Hitch likes to play Raffi on the PP, he's one of the few guys who can go down low, get position in front and finish around the net.

When you are able to control the puck down low around the net it makes the defense collapse and then point shots become open throughout the game. The collapsing defense causes more screens and tips as well as more time to shoot for the point men, so they aren't always rushing shots into the defenders shins or wide of the net.

As it is nearly all our 5v5 goals come off the rush, crashing the net and jamming away or broken plays/defensive lapses. Not enough high skill in the tight areas.

There's reasons we dump the puck in and try control it down low, and it's so you can outwork and out number the defense down low and funnel pucks to the front of the net. If you try to create off the rush every time down the ice it's easy for the defense to read and leads to turnovers and missed shots which means odd man rushes coming back against us, leading to goals and us running around in our own zone as the forwards scramble back. AKA track meets.

Here's a nice example of how it works. The puck goes down low, Setoguchi gains control and beats his man. He makes a pass to Marleau who gets a shot off from a tight area (do you see anyone on the Jackets getting that shot off?). Thornton is active away from the puck and goes to the front of the net, gets a piece of the shot and deflects it in, he also would have been in position to jam home a rebound.

Edit: Before anyone gets the silly notion that Filatov helps in this regard, he doesn't. Like Huselius he's too light to go down low and control the puck. Sure he can get in front and take the shot, but when he was here he was waaaay too timid to get where he needed to be on time to finish the play effectively. He sure as hell can't go down low and make the pass, but that's not his game right now and is something he will hopefully develop as he matures and becomes stronger and will help to round out his game and make him a top scorer in the league.

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