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12-25-2004, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by pleasemyboy
Nobody is saying he is lying. Geez. It's not against the law to question if a post on here is valid. Some of us just find it hard to believe that post. What is the big deal. It's not against the law to question somebody.
here the laws are different, god forbid you disagree with the big shots like JR, they will quickly find a way to ban you.

As for me I couldn't care less what Sather said, he is old and clueless. In the draft documentary I saw Dan rehabing and it looked to me as he had pretty much full motion and control of both arms and shoulders. And even if he does have some permanent nerve damage it does not mean he can't be a great goalie--many good players have various permanent injuries and they do fine.

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