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12-25-2004, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by pleasemyboy
I don't know if this guy even watches hockey. People were raving about Blackburn after his rookie year. The team was soooooo bad defensively in front of him it was ridiculous. Then he tells me Fleury was better? Fleury stunk. Period. So bad that the Penquins realized he wasn't ready for the NHL yet.
Oh dear, looks like someone need to educate himself on the Pittsbugh Penguins. Fleury was returned to juniors so that the Pens could save his $3 million signing bonus, not for his play. You'll note that Fleury also had a higher save percentage than Blackburn's while playing for the team with the worst record in hockey last year.

Originally Posted by pleasemyboy
Stating that our prospects stink is idiotic.
Hmmm ... aren't you the same person who bit***d to True Blue, "Don't twist words just to argue a post"?

I'm not sure but this might very well be "the second time in this post that [you] didn't read the comment and just made up some garbage."

Glass houses, son, glass houses.

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