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12-18-2009, 08:06 PM
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1. It's nice to see Mr Schultz reads the boards

2. I thought it was an excellent article. Free of bombast but highlighting both sides of the negotiating table

For what its worth I thought he provided the brass tacks here:

His point is that Kovalchuk says he wants to win but he can’t win if he’s taking up so much room on the cap. It’s the proper argument for a general manager. But try convincing an agent of that before free agency.

Schultz also makes the statement that the Thrashers need Ilya more than Ilya needs the Thrashers. I think I have to agree but I believe the judging is close.

There are 29 other teams that would love to have a Kovalchuk. He's not going to be unemployed next fall. He's also going to find someone that is going to pay him a ton of money

The Thrashers will get killed in the court of public opinion. Even if we get excellent talent in a trade and overpay for a quality free agent with his salary in the off season? We're a crap franchise that cannot keep its stars. We're an NHL wasteland. PR misery.

On the other side? Is there another team that can afford to pay Kovalchuk what we can or what he wants? I can't see it without them blowing up their roster. That then devolves into whether or not they can be the winner he wants to play for. Ilya in and of himself cannot take a team to the playoffs. We've seen that here.

Can another city give Ilya the quality of life he wants? He's clearly a private person. I'm sure he'd be fine in Miami, Dallas, or Los Angeles but he'd be miserable in a hockey first market.

Also, if Ilya cares anything about his legacy as a player, he'll get the most bang for his buck here. he's somewhere else and wins? He was a piece of the puzzle. A mercenary that came in to take them over the top.

He wins here and he's a legend because he's the centerpiece and face of the franchise.

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