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09-23-2003, 05:33 AM
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I tried to edit the '95 Devils in ESPN myself, but gave up for a few reasons.

Brian Rolston is listed as a '90' overall, second-best skater on the team behind Stevens. I'm sorry, but Rolston was _not_ that skilled in 1995.

The game didn't have "Driver" or "Zelepukin" in their names database. So the game wouldn't be able to announce them properly.

I couldn't match players to their stats adequately. Like, none of the nameless centers had stats that remotely resembled Carpenter's (who, at that point in his career, was good defensively and poor offensively).

What was supposed to be handy for 'filling in the gaps' was the fact that players still in the NHLPA were listed by name and players no longer in the NHLPA were omitted. Which kinda surprised me that Albelin wasn't there on the 1995 roster (but he is on the 2003 roster...?)

I tried to cobble together what I could from:

but eventually gave up. If you have any more success, post back exactly what you did.

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