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12-18-2009, 09:01 PM
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Doesn't Atlanta not even spend to the cap anyway so it doesn't really matter if you overpay him? It seems like the logical choice, since Atlanta is finally looking to make the playoffs and there is no way they can make a rental trade that could salvage them.
It definitely does matter, even more than for a team that is spending to the cap. The team isn't going to spend more money just because they're deciding to overpay a guy... the money they'd be allocating to Kovalchuk would be spent on other player(s) if he is traded/etc.

If you're giving a player a max contract (20% of the total salary cap) but only aren't spending to the cap, you're allocating an even bigger chunk of your total payroll to the single player. For instance, Phoenix is spending only about $42 million in salary this season... if they had an $11.5 million dollar contract, that would be 27.4% of their total cap space... and then they'd only have $30.5 million to fill out the rest of their tam.

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