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09-23-2003, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Not for nothing guys, but isn't this the EXACT way that Dantersson made himself visible last year? He got "famous" by throwing elbows at Lindros's head and that cought the Devils attention. I'm not saying what Scott did is right (I cannot judge what I did not see), however sometimes it takes a dirty play to catch the attention of the coaching staff.
True but are the Devils happy in the end with that wack job Danterwhatchamucallitson? Anyways, I think the guy made the team for throwing other teams off their games and drawing penalties through his fiestiness not his cheapshot plays. I hope the Rangers or any org. (and fans) would look down upon guys like that. I know he wants to make a splash in camp but do it the legal sticking up for a teammate or nailing a guy through the boards with a legal hit. the way JR got in a dig at Dale in his post....I appreciated it!

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