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Originally Posted by Moobles View Post
Depends on how religious the Sikh person is. As you can imagine there are tons of Sikh people and so many different variants of Sikhism it almost entirely depends on the person.

Generally most liberal Sikhs who still keep kesh will wear just a smaller pagri under their helmet. Some Sikhs who keep kesh might not care to have their long hair fall down and just might not wear anything. More orthodox Sikhs I imagine would refuse to wear a helmet on the basis they couldn't with their dastar on. I imagine if one ever makes the NHL there will be problems: however, a work-around might be to actually wear the helmet shell inside the dastar and simply tie around it (very complicated if you've ever put one on, but certainly possible). Would look really interesting .

Some Sikhs I imagine who are very religious and would not accept not wearing a dastar at all probably have a difficult time playing hockey, but they aren't a very large number. The two Punjabi broadcasters for CBC basically sum up what I'd see as the most common solution
you pretty much nailed it. i am a sikh, or a liberal sikh, and do not wear a turban (i cut my hair) so wearing a helmet is no issue for me. i do have a lot of friends who wear turbans and have a kesh and what they do is compact their hair and wear a different type of turban (its more like a doo-rag) and simply wear the helmet over top. i have seen others do braided pigtails at the back and fit the pigtails at the back of the helmet as well. not very many people do the latter as they feel the need to cover their hair with something other than the helmet first so i dont think many would wear the helmet shell under the turban even if it was possible

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