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12-19-2009, 04:49 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Well being honest, even if I do sorta agree, what do you do? Go until someone scores? Impossible since teams play back to back games. I guess you can go back to ties. Those are kinda boring though. The idea of shootouts are to bring excitement to the end of the game. Its a ****** way to lose, but personally, I do think its fun to watch.
I can agree shootouts are fun to watch, but just the act of. I hate that they decide something as important as an extra point in the standings.

I say they either;

A) go 5 on 5 continuous OT until someone scores. They're big boys, they don't have to be up for school or work in the morning. They're supposed to be athletic machines. You don't want to go all ****ing night, then score. Baseball can go all night until there's a winner, same with basketball.

B) go 4 on 4 continuous OT until someone scores. They're supposed to be big boys, but I guess if they honestly believe 4 on 4 is better, then do that so they can change their diapers before playing their next game.

C) go 4 on 4 for 10 minutes, then 3 on 3 for 10 minutes (and the rest of the way until someone scores.) If they're too opposed to 5 0n 5 forever or 4 on 4 forever, I guess 3 on 3 would give enough open space for something to happen and knowing that they can't just hog the puck until time expires to get to a shootout (Penguins, I'm talking to you) then it should end without going all night and that would give them plenty of time to put a fresh pair of panties on before the next game. God forbid they settle things like men and go 5 on 5 all night.

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