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12-25-2004, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
Oh dear, looks like someone need to educate himself on the Pittsbugh Penguins. Fleury was returned to juniors so that the Pens could save his $3 million signing bonus, not for his play. You'll note that Fleury also had a higher save percentage than Blackburn's while playing for the team with the worst record in hockey last year.
You're overstating your point on this one, dedalus. Fleury was sent down for both reasons. I'm sure money played a part in it, but by the time he was sent down, Fleury was being lit up regularly, and it was much more than just poor team defense. When he was sent down, Fleury hadn't allowed less than 4 goals in nearly 2 months. It was 2 and a half months for less than 3. His numbers were in a steady decline. He started out great, but he crashed down to earth hard. And his save % may have been better than Blackburn's last year, but they were worse than Blackburn's rookie year (.896 to .898), but when we're dealing with such miniscule differences in save % (.890, .896, and .898), it really doesn't say much of anything.

Blackburn showed that he could hack it in the NHL and that he had a lot of potential. That's all anyone could hope for from an 18-year-old goalie in the NHL. It is true that all he proved was that he was a capable backup, but he also displayed a great deal of potential. You're really arguing more of a semantic point, unless you're trying to say that based on Blackburn's time in the NHL, you thought he would not improve significantly.

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