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12-19-2009, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jjones87 View Post
"Sensational Spezza" thats hilarious.

5 sensational goals this season. The guy is a complete hack.

I dunno what youre talking about, I counted atleast 3 punches Orr landed after Carkner's knees buckled. So did Paul Hendrick. "3 Square shots to the bugle, Joe"
Why are you even talking? Either you're just plain wrong on purpose, or you wrong but think you're right.

"3 Square shots to the bugle, Joe"...Don't tell me you're proof is a quote from one of the most biased networks. That's just terrible. You're very brutal at these internet argument aren't you?

"3 Square shots to the bugle, Joe"..that's hilarious. The guy is a complete hack. Sounds firmiliar?

orr's first punch hits carkner in the chest and does nothing, second punch catches carkner(that's the 1 punch) and then the next 2-3 punches as carkner is falling all fail to connect.

Now i ask you, are you blind, or just don't know anything about hockey. Homer perhaps?

Results mean everything.

LEAVE THE GAME VS. PLAY NEXT SHIFT...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..Carkner won, don't even try to compare the results... You're pathetic.

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