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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
The Rangers made it to the Conference Finals, and were not even in the Canadiens' division, meaning that if anything, the Patrick Division was weak and the Adams was not.

Hayward played the Quebec series (Roy lost Game One and Hayward started in all but one other game in the playoffs). Either way, Quebec made it to that round by knocking out a 93 point team in Hartford, and there were no non-playoff teams in the Eastern Conference with more points than them, so their appearance in the playoffs has nothing to do with a divisional system.

Hartford in 1988 (where Roy only earned three wins), sure, but as the best team in the Eastern Conference, Montreal would've been playing the 36-win Rangers instead of the 35-win Whalers in a non-divisional playoff, so there's not much of a difference there.

Hartford in 1989 were legitimately the eighth best team, and as the #1 seed, Montreal would've gotten them no matter what. Roy was only started in 3 games against them (all wins).

1992, I agree with completely.

The rest were in the non-divisional playoffs, so they are completely outside of TDMM's original assertion. Yeah, Roy played some bum teams past 1994, but only because Colorado was consistently a division winner from 1996-2003 largely because of him. That doesn't count as a generational advantage.

If you want to take out his series against the Rangers, 88 Whalers, and 92 Whalers for kicks and giggles, his playoff record would be 140-89. Still unreachable.
Those are only the sub-500 teams he faced, but he also faced many teams with 500 records or just above as well.

The winning percentage of teams each faced in the playoffs:

Pre OTL Pt

Roy 35S 0.552 (10 series vs sub-500 teams)
Hasek 14S 0.572 (2 series vs sub-500 teams)
Brodeur 12S 0.591 (1 series vs sub-500 teams)

With OTL Pt
Hasek 11S 0.603
Brodeur 20S 0.604
Roy 11S 0.610

Cup years
Roy86 0.527
Roy93 0.543
Brodeur95 0.646
Roy96 0.604
Brodeur 00 0.618
Roy01 0.604
Hasek02 0.582
Brodeur03 0.591

Series record vs. teams 0.600+

Hasek 5W 5L (2-3/3-2 before/after OTL)
Roy 7W 7L (3-5/4-2 before/after OTL)
Brodeur 8W 6L (3-2/5-4 before/after OTL)

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