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12-19-2009, 05:30 PM
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Managed to predict D cuts correctly. Of forwards Blomqvist cut was bit of a surprise, but then again he is one of those guys that either plays in Top 6 or doesn´t play at all. So not that surprising in the end.

Still three to go. Of goalies Similä is off.
Our tandem is Ortio/Aittokallio. This should be easy one.

Of 8 defenders it is very close call. We will play with 7 Ds and odd man out is Kivistö or Rissanen. Not picking one this time

Of forwards. Tallberg is first in my cut list. Looking at our Top 12, he just does´t seem to fit in. Who else would you cut? Pakarinen?

So our final roster looks about this


Vatanen (A) - Eronen
Niemi - Vittasmäki (A)
Laakso - Näkyvä

Rask/Elo - Granlund - Rajala
Elo/Rask - Nättinen - Hartikainen
Sallinen - Lajunen (C) - Jormakka
Ikonen - Sointu - Myttynen

Edit: Captains

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