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09-23-2003, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I expect some improvement from Vokoun. He is only 26 after all. Many good goalies have really escalated their game once they hit their late 20's. No reason to think that Vokoun can't do just that.
Good point, Smokey. And, personally, I wouldn't be at all surprising to see him step his game up, heading INTO a season knowing he's the go to guy. And, as you point out, his age suggests the time is right.

I think, however, what I meant to suggest was that there are those who expect so much out of him after last year's performance, that I don't think it's POSSIBLE (Ok..maybe a Vezina trophy and Playoff MVP award might do it) to put up the numbers it'd take to avoid being called a "dissapointment", at least by some.

This is especially maginified by the fact that a significant chunk of the Preds' success (or failure) will be pinned on Vokoun. We sure aren't gonna just outgun a lot of teams, and the Defense, while probably better than most think, isn't going to be "shutting down" the likes of Colorado or Detroit every night. As a result, Vokoun will be asked to steal a fair chunk of our games. If he fails to do so, even GREAT numbers will be overlooked by many, and thus lead, imo, to his year being labeled a "dissapointment" by the media and many fans.

Understand, I'm not predicting a bad year for him. Again, I agree with you...I think he can and WILL step up this season, and turn in even better numbers than last year. I just don't think there's ANYTHING, short of GREAT numbers and a playoff run, that will keep him from being LABELED a dissapointment.


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