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12-20-2009, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by dj4aces View Post
Sounds like RDS took the words of the Russian story, and decided to slip that bit in there.

Fact is, no one knows what he's looking for. But if it really, truly, is $11m, there's only one other team that can realistically sign him.

I'm not so sure... Kovalchuk's definitely a special player and if he made it to UFA I could see teams like Montreal (Gomez) and the Rangers (Redden) being willing to bury large under-performing salaries in the AHL to make room.


I would have no problem with a 3-5 year deal for $11 million per. 10 years at $11 million, crazy.
The RDS article specifies it only as "long term"... not sure what they consider long term, but I'd consider it five or six years at a minimum.

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