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Originally Posted by MAYO View Post
Let me help some of you guys out! there are other sources of media besides the New York Post and what MSG has to say. Hockey Night in Canada has a segment called the Hotstove where they discussed what the Ottawa paper reported, and you guys should log onto TSN Sports and read Bob McKenzie, this guy knows his hockey and seem to be spot on when reporting rumors and speculations. Man, supporting this team as a Montrealer is hard enough, I don't need flack from fellow fans on this site! I to am proud to say I BLEED BLUE!
I'm not giving you flack, just a dose of reality. When was the last time a trade was completed in this league with two players possessing NMC's? For that matter who was the last player traded with a NMC? Not saying there hasn't been one but I'm just drawing a blank.

I'm sorry but nothing about this makes sense. Selanne is 40, plans on retiring, has a NMC, only wants to play for Anaheim and his cap hit isn't even remotely close to the other two players mentioned. Lecavalier just signed an 11 year contract with a NMC. All trade talk involving him has been from the media, not a single peep from him or the organization. I also don't see how Philly benefits in any fashion from trading their goal and point leader from the past two seasons for anything other than a number one goaltender.

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