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12-20-2009, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by AtlantaWhaler View Post
If it's over $9 mil, may the highest bidder win.
Yeah, and let the highest bidder get bit in the ass.

I would love for Kovy to sign long term, but not at the expense to cripple the team for the next decade.

Waddell should start shopping him now as it seems heís hell bent on testing FA. Trade him now while you can get the max return. Thereís no reason to *****foot around and let Kovy dictate the terms. Over 9 million a year is ridiculous, no way heís worth that.

Send his ass off to the highest bidder and run with it.

3 months of Kovalchuk would bring a treasure chest of return at this point for a team trying to make a run.

Adios Kovy, but youíve never won a playoff game and apparently youíre not much of a leader.

***Disclaimer Ė I hope he re-signs at a reasonable price, but itís not looking good at this point. Iíve always considered Kovy a stand-up guy, but it kind of looks like heís showing his true colors.

If those LA rumors are true Waddell should be all over that deal. (Brown and/or Schenn and JMFJ)

I would trade him for at least two of those players and a pick if it could shake down within the next two weeks.

And Antropov should beat his ass the minute when/if he decides to leave.

Iím just curious if he is waiting until Jan 1íst to see if Waddell offers Max an extension?

Flame away!!!

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